Soaps that makes you feel special.

Our Soaps Comes with Essential Oils

We have been making Aleppo laurel soap for more than eighty years. The laurel soap industry is one of the most famous industries in the city
Laurel soap consists of natural laurel oil and olive oil, which contain vitamins and do not include any chemicals in its composition.
Where laurel soap is used to clean and moisturize the body and to soften the skin…
It is recommended for patients with sensitive skin, psoriasis and many others
Aleppo House of Soap Company, the Aleppo soap manufacturer, based in Mersin, Turkey


We follow a Simple Formula

Flowers & Herbs

Essential Oils

Skin Care

Greatness from Nature

Aleppo heritage of olive oil extract and natural laurel oil helps to shine hair and moisturizes the body

It cleanses your skin without getting rid of oils to avoid drying out the skin

Bath Foams


Hand Wash