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We brought a solution to the best skin care around, naturally. Create with a lot of Love n’ Care.

What is laurel soap?

Laurel soap is a very ancient type of soap, which began to be manufactured in the Syrian city of Aleppo several centuries ago, and some believe that the manufacture of laurel soap began specifically in the eighth century.

Laurel soap is usually made using the following ingredients:

Olive oil.

Laurel oil.

Nigella sativa oil.

Soapy substance.


Laurel soap is usually made by mixing the aforementioned ingredients, and then boiling it in large pots for several days until the mixture becomes firm and its structure becomes thick and sticky. Soap cubes.

After that, the resulting laurel soap cubes are stacked in vertical towers to expose them to the largest possible amount of air to dry well, then leave for several months to age, and at this stage the outer color of the soap begins to turn yellow, while the soap core retains its original green color.


No Toxic

Safe n’ Lab

Natural Laurel Shampoo

Natural shampoo from olive oil and laurel oil, special ingredients of natural oils that emollient the hair and nourish the hair bulb and help stop hair loss and fix it, repair it and prevent graying, nourish the scalp and clean it from dandruff and skin problems, help to rest and relax when taking a shower. It also makes the hair soft and smell good

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